Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mission and Vision


Our vision, as a community, is to cultivate character and foster life-long learning through a challenging educational experience in a safe environment.

It is our mission to prepare students to succeed in a global society by providing a personalized and rigorous curriculum through excellence in teaching.
The Pembroke Pines Charter Schools are A Schools.
The City of Pembroke Pines Charter Schools are municipally owned and operated by the City of Pembroke Pines
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Lottery Application: Jan 10, 2017 thru Mar 10, 2017 (New: Wait listed applicants must re-submit yearly to stay in lottery pool & keep seniority.)
Reassignment Requests: Jan 20, 2017 thru Feb 10, 2017
Current Student Re-enrollments: Jan 20, 2017 thru Mar 20, 2017 (All current students must re-enroll and update contact information.)

About Us

During the early 1990’s, the Broward County School District was the fifth largest district in the United States. The Mayor had a vision to find a solution to the severe overcrowding in the Pembroke Pines public schools. Working closely with the City Commission and the City Manager, their solution was to build the Pembroke Pines Charter School System. As a result, the School Board of Broward County was relieved of the burden of absorbing additional students. More importantly, the reduction of student population from public schools has allowed the students of Pembroke Pines, both public and charter, the ability to be taught in an environment that is more conducive to learning.

The 2016-17 charter school system budget is $52.9 million. Our charter school system has 601 employees and approximately 5,939 students in 4 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 1 high school. Presently, the Pembroke Pines Charter School System has a waiting list of 4,018 applicants.

Florida’s primary source of funding for the capital needs of charter schools is the Public Education Capital Outlay Fund. Over the last 16 years, the total allocation to our system has decreased by 56%. If we were to be funded at the same level of 2001, our system will be allocated an additional $3 million for capital improvements.
A charter school is a publicly funded school that, in accordance with an enabling state statute, has been granted a charter exempting it from selected state or local rules and regulations. As part of the contract, charter schools are held strictly accountable for academic and financial results.

In 2007, our Charter Schools were named as one of the 2007 National Charter Schools of the Year. In 2009, the Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School was named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education. This is the highest award a school can receive. Based on FCAT scores and other factors, our elementary & middle schools have earned an A rating for 16 consecutive years. In 2015, our High School was recognized by U.S. News & World Report Magazine as one of the nations’ best high schools. In 2015, the Pembroke Pines Florida State University was also named a National Blue Ribbon School.




Hello Charter School Parents,

We would like to thank all of our charter school families that donated to the Support Our Schools Campaign in the 2015-16 school year.  Through the hard work of parent volunteers and family donations, we raised a total of $101,567.06 this past year.  We are proud to announce that this will be our fourth year as the Support Our Schools Campaign and we hope to be all the more successful! 

Furthermore, we’d like to give a warm welcome to the families that are new to our City of Pembroke Pines Charter School system and offer a brief overview of our cause.  Support Our Schools (SOS) is a grassroots fundraising arm of the Pembroke Pines Charter School Foundation (PPCSF), and the campaign is run by dedicated parent volunteers and charter school staff. Currently, our charter schools receive less capital funding compared to a traditional public school, and as capital and state funding for our charter schools continues to be inconsistent, proceeds raised through the SOS Campaign help us bridge this growing financial gap so that we can continue to raise the quality of education and resources for our charter school students. 



Strategic Plan



Our system believes that:
  • All students are to be treated with dignity and respect and have the right to learn, grow, and maximize their full potential without limitations.
  • Collaboration among all stakeholders is vital in meeting the individual needs of all students.
  • All students should be educated in a safe and nurturing environment and have access to a well-rounded and rigorous curriculum.
  • A highly qualified staff is directly related to student success.
  • High expectations for academic achievement will prepare students for college and career readiness.
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