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Elementary Mission & Vision

Our Vision
 To create a collaborative learning Community that cultivates Character and provides a challenging Curriculum.

Our Mission
To provide a personalized learning experience that prepares all students to become global citizens.

Our school believes that:
  1. all children are to be treated with dignity and respect and have the right to learn, grow, and maximize their full potential without limitations.
  2. collaboration among all stakeholders is vital in meeting the individual needs of all students.
  3. all students should be educated in a safe and nurturing environment and be provided with a well-rounded and rigorous curriculum.
  4. high expectations of staff and students are the key to improving academic achievement.
  5. learning for all is a life-long pursuit.



What is the Pembroke Pines Charter School Cambridge Program?
The Pembroke Pines Charter School Cambridge Program is the latest expansion of the high performing, “A” rated, Pembroke Pines Charter School System. Cambridge is an internationally renown academic program that emphasizes enhancing the ability of students to think critically, communicate clear and logical points of view on various issues and ideas, and understand global affairs with multiple perspectives. 

Cambridge is the largest provider of international education programs for students aged 5 -19. The Cambridge Program is utilized in over 9000 schools in more than 160 countries. High school students have an opportunity to earn the distinctive Cambridge AICE Diploma which gives students a competitive edge in university admissions  The program is part of the University of Cambridge, known as one of the world’s top universities for its dedication to excellence in education. The Cambridge Program is aligned with the Florida Standards.

What is the Cambridge Secondary 1 Curriculum Program?
The Cambridge Secondary 1 Curriculum Program is designed to foster the academic development of Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School (PPCMS) students. Those who complete this program will automatically be enrolled in Cambridge Secondary 2 and Cambridge Advanced courses at the Pembroke Pines Charter High School.

Students in the Cambridge Secondary 1 Program should maintain a 3.0 grade point average, attain state assessment scores of a 4 or higher in reading and math, have positive teacher recommendations, and have satisfactory attendance and discipline records. Students in the Cambridge Secondary 1 Program must be highly motivated learners who are seeking a rigorous curriculum to prepare them for upper level coursework in high school.

PPCMS students in the Cambridge Secondary 1 Program will be taking advanced courses in the core areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. In the 8th grade, these students will take the Cambridge Check Point Assessment to provide evidence of readiness for the next stage in the Cambridge Program when they matriculate to the Pembroke Pines Charter High School.

What is the Definition of a Cambridge Student?
The Cambridge student is a child that is:
· Confident in working with information and ideas – their own and those of others
· Responsible for themselves, responsible to and respectful of others
· Reflective as learners, developing their own ability to learn
· Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges
· Engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference.

How Do I Apply?
Parents who are interested in registering their child into the Cambridge Program must apply for admission via the City of Pembroke Pines Charter School’s lottery system. For more information, please visit

My Child Is Already A Student In The Pembroke Pines Charter School System. How Do I Enroll Them Into the Cambridge Program?
Eligible Pembroke Pines Charter School students will automatically be enrolled in the Cambridge Program. There is no application required.

Where Do I Get More Information About Cambridge?
For more information about the Cambridge Program, please visit

Central Campus News and Notes

Our school recently held our 2016 Annual School Awards for all grade levels on Thursday, May 26, 2016. At the 8th grade awards held that evening, we presented our school's highest honor, the Principal's Presidential Award to 10 students. These students were issued this honor, as they demonstrated exceptional academic performance in all of their classes by earning straight A's in all six of their classes during 6th, 7th and 8th grades all four quarters. We would like to publicly congratulate all of these students seen in the attached photo with our Principal, Mr. Sean Chance: (From Left to Right) Sarah Cox, Nivedha Natarajan, Brianna Alvarez, Naveen Farook, Jena Manning, Mandy Pfau, Ethan Frankel, Alai Araujo-Elorza, Dylan Vega, and Surya Vedula.

We are so very proud of these students, as they and their parents should be. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors in high school and beyond!! Central Campus Teachers and Administration


Ten Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School Central Campus Builders Club members and their parents volunteered to assist with therapeutic riding lessons with the Kiwanis Horses & Handicapped, Inc. in Davie, Florida on April 9, 2016. The students worked as side-walkers, horse leaders, and obstacle course assistants during therapeutic riding lessons for physically and/or mental challenged riders. After the lessons, the students bathed the horses and gave them a carrot treat. Ms. Piper Spencer, Builder's Club Sponsor is to be commended for promoting this very important annual service project with her students.

Kiwanis Horses & Handicapped was founded in 1979 as the premiere therapeutic riding program in South Florida. Over the years the program has grown and currently serves approximately 60 physically and/or mentally challenged riders in both Dade and Broward Counties.

Builders Club  is a student-led community service organization supported by Kiwanis International. 

Dear East or Central 5th Grade Parent/Guardians:
We are please to announce that we have begun the process of transitioning your child from elementary to middle school.  Your child is scheduled to enter the Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School (Central Campus) on August 22, 2016.  This is an exciting time for your child to begin to take on more responsibility and independence as they enter middle school.  However, many parents become nervous as this time approaches.  We hope to reassure you and alleviate your concerns when we meet on Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 6pm in the Central Campus Cafeteria, PARENT ONLY MEETING.

We will have multiple presentations and performances to showcase what to expect for your child as they enter middle school.  Our curriculum team of highly qualified educators will review the core and elective course available to your child.  Also, a sampling of our extracurricular program will be shared with you by our student performers.





Middle School Vision & Mission

Vision Statement
Our vision, as a community, is to cultivate character and foster life-long learning through a challenging educational experience in a safe environment. 

Mission Statement
It is our mission to prepare students to succeed in a global society by providing a personalized and rigorous curriculum through excellence in teaching and the development of a partnership with parents and community in order to support and empower students to maximize their potential.

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