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Elementary Mission & Vision

Our Vision
 To create a collaborative learning Community that cultivates Character and provides a challenging Curriculum.

Our Mission
To provide a personalized learning experience that prepares all students to become global citizens.

Our school believes that:
  1. all children are to be treated with dignity and respect and have the right to learn, grow, and maximize their full potential without limitations.
  2. collaboration among all stakeholders is vital in meeting the individual needs of all students.
  3. all students should be educated in a safe and nurturing environment and be provided with a well-rounded and rigorous curriculum.
  4. high expectations of staff and students are the key to improving academic achievement.
  5. learning for all is a life-long pursuit.



What is the Pembroke Pines Charter School Cambridge Program?
The Pembroke Pines Charter School Cambridge Program is the latest expansion of the high performing, “A” rated, Pembroke Pines Charter School System. Cambridge is an internationally renown academic program that emphasizes enhancing the ability of students to think critically, communicate clear and logical points of view on various issues and ideas, and understand global affairs with multiple perspectives. 

Cambridge is the largest provider of international education programs for students aged 5 -19. The Cambridge Program is utilized in over 9000 schools in more than 160 countries. High school students have an opportunity to earn the distinctive Cambridge AICE Diploma which gives students a competitive edge in university admissions  The program is part of the University of Cambridge, known as one of the world’s top universities for its dedication to excellence in education. The Cambridge Program is aligned with the Florida Standards.

What is the Cambridge Secondary 1 Curriculum Program?
The Cambridge Secondary 1 Curriculum Program is designed to foster the academic development of Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School (PPCMS) students. Those who complete this program will automatically be enrolled in Cambridge Secondary 2 and Cambridge Advanced courses at the Pembroke Pines Charter High School.

Students in the Cambridge Secondary 1 Program should maintain a 3.0 grade point average, attain state assessment scores of a 4 or higher in reading and math, have positive teacher recommendations, and have satisfactory attendance and discipline records. Students in the Cambridge Secondary 1 Program must be highly motivated learners who are seeking a rigorous curriculum to prepare them for upper level coursework in high school.

PPCMS students in the Cambridge Secondary 1 Program will be taking advanced courses in the core areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. In the 8th grade, these students will take the Cambridge Check Point Assessment to provide evidence of readiness for the next stage in the Cambridge Program when they matriculate to the Pembroke Pines Charter High School.

What is the Definition of a Cambridge Student?
The Cambridge student is a child that is:
· Confident in working with information and ideas – their own and those of others
· Responsible for themselves, responsible to and respectful of others
· Reflective as learners, developing their own ability to learn
· Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges
· Engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference.

How Do I Apply?
Parents who are interested in registering their child into the Cambridge Program must apply for admission via the City of Pembroke Pines Charter School’s lottery system. For more information, please visit

My Child Is Already A Student In The Pembroke Pines Charter School System. How Do I Enroll Them Into the Cambridge Program?
Eligible Pembroke Pines Charter School students will automatically be enrolled in the Cambridge Program. There is no application required.

Where Do I Get More Information About Cambridge?
For more information about the Cambridge Program, please visit

Central Campus News and Notes


Central Parents and Students:

It is with GREAT PLEASURE that we report that the PPCMS Central Advanced Band, under the highly competent direction of Ms. Edie Shendell-Frankel, were recognized and awarded straight Superior Ratings at district's Annual Florida Band Master's Association Performance on Tuesday, March 17, 2015. This is the highest rating possible and very few schools are fortunate enough to be awarded this performance rating. " I am so very proud of our band students who had a great performance on stage and received perfect scores in the sight reading phase of the evaluation" stated Band Director, Shendell-Frankel. She added, " On the first day of these evaluations, only two bands received superior ratings in the South area of Broward County." This is Ms. Shendell-Frankel's 13th consecutive Superior Rating with her advanced band students, which is an AMAZING RECORD!! According to Dr. Kimberly Pizzo, Assistant Principal, "Ms. Shendell-Frankel is one of the finest teachers I have had the pleasure of working with as a school administrator. She is always professional and highly dedicated to the success of her band students. Her passion for her subject and her exceptional classroom instructional practices are directly responsible for the immense success her program has earned over the passed 13 years." Principal, Kenneth Bass praised Director Shend

The 2014-15 PPCMS Central Drama Class was proud to present The Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring, written by Janie Downey Maxwell, during the evenings of February 24th and 25th, 2015, on the Central Campus Stage. Eighteen seventh and eighth grade student performers brought the Game of Clue to life, taking their audience on a mystery filled with betrayal, terror, humor, thievery, suspense, and surprise. Audiences were entertained as they engaged in this Mystery-slash-Comedy Theater Production to uncover who stole the queen’s missing ring. Set and production was completely designed and managed by the students. Mrs. Nancy Altimore is to be commended for her enthusiastic direction and support of these budding actors. Central Campus is proud of their Jaguar Thespians!

Back Row (Left to Right) Jenifer Zukowski, Maheen Virani, Belen Perkins, Tatiana Jaramillo, Alexia Jolly, Schneider Jean-Pierre, Janet Slavick,  Bhanuteja Madhu, Donovan Maldonado, Nyree Ocon, Brooke
Berkowitz, Adora Eboka
Front row (l to R) Marlee Bondar, Amanda Lefleur, Liana Villamil,  Ariana Estrella, Lemar Lindo, Lauren Fielding

Queen Janet Slavick, Gypsy Jennifer Zuloski, Sheriff Donovan Maldonado

Dear 8th Grade Parents of DC Delegates:

We are pleased that your son/daughter is scheduled to attend the wonderful educational Washington D.C. Close-Up Field Experience the week of April 5 thru 9, 2015. Ms. Altimore and Mr. Schwartz, Trip Coordinators and Chaperones would like to meet with each of the parents on Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 6:30pm in the Central Middle Café. As the trip is about a month away, they would like to address many of the questions and concerns you may have in preparing your child for this wonderful trip.

Thank you in advance for entrusting your children with our staff to take advantage of this wonderful learning opportunity.

During the week of February 23, 2015, Central Campus seventh and eighth grade students participated in our First Annual Knowledge Bowl. Thank you to our social studies teachers for their efforts in preparing our students for this event. Seventh grader, Rafael Sabino and eighth grader, Joseph Poon will move on to Dillard High School and compete at the Broward County Knowledge Bowl. We are confident that this team will represent the Central Campus Middle School very well.. Congratulations to Rafael and Joseph and best of luck at the 2015 Broward County Knowledge Bowl competition.



Congratulations to Winning Broward District Science Fair Participants for Central Middle!

1st Place: Jayvyn Dacas, Wind Turbine Generator Designs
2nd Place: David Adams, Sunburned Plants
2nd Place: Juan Marin, Does Gatoraid, Sea Water, or Salt Water Generate the Most Electricity?
3rd Place: Bianca Greydinger, Reflective Film and Solar Ovens
4th Place: Saaketh Vedantam, Power Up With Ocean Tides!
4th Place: Grace Rodriguez, How to Make a Mechanical Hand
4th Place: Thierry Denis, What Helps Plants Grow Faster?
4th Place: Giavanna DiFide, Water Bottle Insulation

Jayvyn Dacas will go on to compete at the State Fair in March! Best of Luck Javvyn!!!

Thank you to the Ms. Spencer and Ms. Soliman, as well as the other science teacher for their support in preparing the projects. Thank you to Ms. Speciale-Vannucci for her assistance in the approval of all projects.

Pictured Left to Right: Juan Marin, Jayvyn Dacas, and David Adams

All three young men were received nominations to participate in the Broadcom Masters Program of Society for Science and the Public.Additionally, David Adams and Juan Marin were recognized for 2n

The PPCMS Lady JAGS Volleyball Team represented themselves and out school very well this season. They convincingly defeated the undefeated Indian Ridge team to make it to the 1st Round of Playoffs and again, defeated Indian Ridge in the Playoff Game to make it to the Semi-Finals against Falcon Cove. The Lady JAGS had a strong first game against the Falcons and competed strong in the 2nd and 3rd game to end the season. We are so proud of our girls for the teamwork and skill shown this season. With a young team, we expect to go all the way in the 15-16 season.

Thank you to the efforts of Coaches Moss, Maestu and Masterpalo for their joint efforts in helping to support and lead the girls this season.

The following PPCMS Central Campus students attended and competed in a regional math AMC Math Competition held at Florida Atlantic University on Saturday, November 22, 2014:

Vanessa Angel
Jacob Briggs
Giuliana Chiquito
Naveen Farook
Bhanuteja Madhu
Neha Mathew
Faizan Mohammad
Sebastian Quintana
Grace Rodriguez
Rafael Sabino
Saaketh Vedantam
Surya Vedula
Kevin Yeung

Our students had a great showing at this event. Jacob Briggs and Kevin Yeung were awarded Bronze certificates. Saaketh Vedantam palced first, and was awarded a Gold certificate. The top three students will be going to the state competition.  A special thank you to Mr. Verdile and Mr. Walker for their efforts in helping to prepare and sponsor this math team for this competition.

Dear East or Central 5th Grade Parent/Guardians:

We are please to announce that we have begun the process of transitioning your child from elementary to middle school. Your child is scheduled to enter the Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School (Central Campus) on August 24, 2015. This is an exciting time for your child to begin to take on more responsibility and independence as they enter middle school. However, many parents become nervous as this time approaches. We hope to reassure you and alleviate your concerns when we meet on Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 6pm in the Central Campus Cafeteria, PARENT ONLY MEETING.

We will have multiple presentations and performances to showcase what to expect for your child as they enter middle school. Our curriculum team of highly qualified educators will review the core and elective course available to your child. Also, a sampling of our extracurricular program will be shared with you by our student performers.

Following our program presentation, you will be able to visit our mini-curriculum fair to ask questions of our staff and local partners (i.e., PTSA, Transportation, Planet-T Uniforms, Sports Program, etc.) and obtain information to help you to complete your child's registration materials.


Dear City of Pembroke Pines Charter School Parents and Guardians,

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires that schools provide parents an annual school status report. This report is known as the School Public Accountability Report (SPAR). You can access the SPAR for your child(ren)'s school(s) at the links below. Each school will also have printed copies available for parents,guardians, and community members in the school office.

Below is the link for the City of Pembroke Pines Charter Elementary School (Central, East, & West Campuses):

Below is the link for the City of Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School (Central & West Campuses):

Below is the Link for the City of Pembroke Pines Charter High School:

Below is the link for the City of Pembroke Pines Charter Elementary School - Florida State University Campus:

Congratulations to the PPCMS Central 2015 Spelling Bee Winners!

6th grade winners:
1st place Vanessa Tojeiro
2nd place Fatima Fojas
3rd place Alexa Esquenazi

7th grade winners:
1st place Naveen Farook
2nd place Shazia Khan
3rd place Nicholas Pizzo

8th grade winners
1st place Saaketh Vedantam
2nd place Bhanuteja Madhu
3rd place Kevin Yeung

The First place winners from all three Grades.

Runner up: Naveen Farook
1st place winner and our school representative for the Broward County Spelling Bee- Saaketh Vedantam (8th Grade)

All participants did a wonderful job. Congratulations to each one.

Please join us in CONGRATULATING the 2014 - 2015 Central Campus Teachers and Non-Instructional Employees of the Year:

Central Elementary
TOY - Alina Rodriguez
NOY - Ilene Kornblum

Central Middle:
TOY - Piper Spencer
NOY - Mindy Vasil

The tentative date for the annual recognition ceremony for all of the Teachers and Non-Instructional Employees of the Year in the Pembroke Pines Charter School System is Thursday, February 12, 2015 at the River of Grass Auditorium located on the PPCHS Campus. We invite all parents and students to attend to celebrate our honorees

Congratulations to the Central Campus Middle Science Fair Honorees for 2014-2015. Thank you to Ms. Spencer and Ms. Soliman for coordinating this event with the assistance of the Science Team members.

1st Place - Saaketh Vedantam, Power Up With Ocean Tides!
1st Place - Feliciah Fitz-Henley, Water Filtration Pump
2nd Place - David Adams, Sunburned Plants
2nd Place - Bianca Greydinger, Reflective Film and Solar Ovens
3rd Place - Grace Rodriguez, How to Make a Mechanical Hand
3rd Place - Jayvyn Dacas, Wind Turbine Generator Designs
Honorable Mention - Thierry Denis, What Helps Plants Grow Faster?
Honorable Mention - Sydni Peters, What Electronic Device Emits the most EM Radiation
Honorable Mention - Giavanna DiFide, Water Bottle Insulation
Honorable Mention - Juan Marin, Does Gatoraid, Sea Water, or Salt Water Generate the Most Electricity?

Congratulations to Saaketh Vedantam, Jacob Briggs, Gabriel Valle, and Dante Harrison for making the 2014-15 Broward All County Band. These students are to be commended for their hard work and dedication to becoming one of the county's finest musicians.


Dear Central Middle Parents/Guardians:

Your child is enrolled in an Advanced Science and/or Language Arts class. These students are eligible to participate in a special field trip opportunity to the John Pennekamp Park which includes a snorkeling component. Students interested in participating must be checked for their swimming skills. This swim check will be held by Ms. Spencer and the Pembroke Pines life guards on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 from 3:15-4:15pm at the Central Campus Pool. A make-up session will be held on Friday, October 10, 2014. Students must have this liability form completed and submitted in order to participate in the swim check. Please have your child come prepared with their swim attire and a towel. All students are to be picked-up by 4:15pm.

Please email Ms. Spencer at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. For more information, please see this form.

Thank you for your support with this special opportunity.

Central Middle Parents/Guardians:

Please be advised that we use a Reading and Math Online Program called SuccessMaker. This program is important to our students and their overall success. Students are asked to put in 20 minutes or more a day to reap the full benefits of this program. All students have been provided their access codes, however it has come to our attention that some students have had difficulty accessing this from home due to a JAVA issue on their home computer. Please see this reference sheet to assist you with updating your JAVA so that they may access this online resource from home.

If you are interested in volunteering on Saturday detentions, please contact Ms. Jill Bear at [email protected]

Our schedule dates are the following: 7:45 – 11:00am
09/20/14 02/21/15
10/18/14 03/07/15
11/15/14 04/18/15
12/13/14 05/09/15
01/24/15 05/30/15

Dear Charter Middle Parents and Guardians:

We are pleased to announce that our Grade Book/Attendance Program, Pinnacle will be available for parent and student access starting Thursday, August 28, 2014.

In order to enhance our school wide pinnacle grade book system, and to increase the effectiveness of pinnacle as a means of communication between school and home, we are requesting that you register an email address in the pinnacle system at your earliest convenience. Registering is simple:

We will be holding an informational parent meeting on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 from 6:30-7:30pm for those 8th grade parents interested in having their child participate in the Close-up Washington DC trip, scheduled for April 5-9, 2015.  This meeting will be held in the Central Campus Middle Cafeteria.  We hope you are able to attend.
Please contact Mr. Darrin Schwartz @ [email protected]t for any questions or concerns.

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Please note these two documents in regards to the Before Care program: document 1, document 2


Middle School Vision & Mission

Vision Statement
Our vision, as a community, is to cultivate character and foster life-long learning through a challenging educational experience in a safe environment. 

Mission Statement
It is our mission to prepare students to succeed in a global society by providing a personalized and rigorous curriculum through excellence in teaching and the development of a partnership with parents and community in order to support and empower students to maximize their potential.

Staff Directory




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