Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Staff Directory

Cynthia Adorno[email protected]Teacher Website3rd Grade Teacher
Wanda Balester[email protected] Office Staff
Shari-Kay Baugh[email protected]Teacher Website1st Grade Teacher
Lyndon Bell[email protected]Teacher WebsitePE Teacher
Jill Berman[email protected] Reading
Jaime Bloomfield[email protected]Teacher Website5th Grade Teacher
Sean Chance[email protected] Principal
Kareef Cherrington[email protected] 5th Grade Teacher
Hitomi Inki Clark[email protected] Music
Tricia Couri[email protected] Office Staff
Constance Daniels[email protected] Kindergarten Teacher
Yessenia Darna[email protected] 5th Grade Teacher
Maria Delgado[email protected]Teacher Website2nd Grade Teacher
Lisa Dizengoff[email protected]Teacher WebsiteScience Teacher
Leslie Doherty[email protected]Teacher WebsiteMedia Specialist
Carmen Echeverry[email protected] 4th Grade Teacher
Maddy Exposito[email protected] Office Staff
Karla Fonseca  Associate
Terry-Ann Francis[email protected] Associate
Jacquelin Gomez[email protected] 1st Grade Teacher
Amina Gorfti[email protected] Associate
Anarosa Grau[email protected]Teacher Website3rd Grade Teacher
Tania Gutierrez[email protected] Bookkeeper
Vera Harmon[email protected] Associate
Doris Howard[email protected] Subsitute Teacher
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