Monday, October 20, 2014

Staff Directory

Alyssa Aguiar[email protected] ESE Clerical
Nayth Albert[email protected] Teacher Associate
Luz Alford[email protected] Teacher Associate
Patricia Alonso-Correa[email protected] 1st Grade Teacher
Hayley Barrocas[email protected] 3rd Grade Teacher
Carolyn Bellot[email protected] 2nd Grade Teacher
Lyn Busk[email protected] Office Staff
Kimberly Caballero[email protected] Kindergarten Grade Teacher
Alice Cabrera[email protected] 2nd Grade Teacher
Dan Capiro[email protected] ESE Teacher
Nydia Castellano[email protected] Kindergarten Teacher
Laura Coleman[email protected] Gifted Teacher
Rachel Comesana-Garcia[email protected]Teacher WebsiteESE Teacher
Millie Cueto[email protected] Teacher Associate
Lawrence Daniel[email protected] Music Teacher
Oralis Daniel[email protected] Teacher Associate
Sandi DeLaPaz[email protected] Office Staff
Yohanna Deno[email protected] 2nd Grade Teacher
Patricia DeNobile[email protected] Teacher Associate
Karen DeSimone[email protected] 3rd Grade Teacher
Martiza Diaz[email protected] Teacher Associate
Celeste Doherty-Grosse[email protected]Teacher Website5th Grade Teacher
Maureen Durazo[email protected] Teacher Associate
Britget Ecelbarger[email protected] 5th Grade Teacher
Jill Ezzell[email protected]Teacher Website1st Grade Teacher
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