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Car Line

Dear Parents using the car line,

Please pay extra close attention while you are driving in the car line around the area we have children, staff and volunteers. In the last few weeks we have had multiple drivers hit the cones and the umbrella. Please pay extra attention, refrain from using cellphones, and ensure we are safe!

Our morning associates and volunteers are posted in our car line. If your child can open and close the car door on their own, we encourage them to do so as this speeds things up. If your child needs assistance (in the am) opening and closing the car door; we will assist. (Or if your car door is child-proofed) ----If this is the case, please place the “Assistance Needed” sign in your car windshield so staff knows to assist your car. You can obtain this sign from the office. (It is also attached to this e mail.

Our car line is very improved, yet additional assistance with the morning and afternoon car line would make things even faster. Earn service hours! Volunteers are always welcome and truly appreciated! If you are interested, you may stop by the front office any day. We would love to have you!

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Date Posted: 12/13/2013
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