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Mission, Vision and Beliefs

Our Vision
Pembroke Pines Charter West Elementary is dedicated to providing a rigorous educational experience to a culturally and academically diverse community where all students are expected to succeed as innovative thinkers.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide an environment where all students can learn, achieve, and develop confidence to meet the challenges of a changing and complex society.

Our Beliefs
  • All students can learn to their highest potential.§ Each student is regarded as a unique individual with intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs.
  • The entire school community shares in the responsibility of shaping a positive learning environment within our school.
  • A safe and nurturing environment is essential for maximum teaching and learning.
  • Students learn through a variety of instructional approaches to maximize their individual learning potential.
  • Our school is committed to continuous improvement.
  • The school actively promotes opportunities for students to be critical thinkers and effective communicators to foster life-long learners.
  • All students are valued and treated with respect by everyone.

News and Notes

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please note this file that details the FCAT schedule for 3rd-5th grades.

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please note this email from Mary Jordan, Development Director for the City of Pembroke Pines Charter Schools.

Five Important Read Aloud Tips (excerpts taken from Jim Trelease’s Read Aloud Handbook)

1. The first time you read a book to your child discuss the front cover. Ask your child what he/she sees on the cover. Have your child make a prediction about the story to be read.

2. Picture books can be read to several children at one time, even if your children range in age. Find a cozy spot and enjoy a great story.

3. After reading a book, allow for time to discuss the story. This will give your child an opportunity to share his/her thoughts and feelings.

4. When visiting the library or book store, select a variety of books to share with your child. Children enjoy nonfiction books, as well as fiction.

5. Remember: listening is an art, one that is acquired by participating in it. It is gradual and with time it produces wonderful opportunities to enjoy a great read aloud.

Kindergarten started off the year learning about Friends and Families. In September, the students will be learning about the Five Senses along with the thematic unit of Apples. In October, we look forward to celebrating fall and learning about pumpkins. Throughout the month of November, we will study various forms of transportation as well as celebrating Thanksgiving with our friends. We excited about our study of foods, holidays and a literature unit on the Gingerbread Stories in December. Sight words, letter names and sounds, numbers to 100, and number concepts will be integrated into the various units.   

2nd grade has begun and the second grade team is excited to announce the many activities that we will be enjoying this semester. One of the many activities that students will take part in is a home project that will be focusing on character traits. They will be making puppets representing the character trait of their choice. Also, the fall and winter festivals will soon be upon us, and these are always great opportunities for parent involvement and great fun. The Science Museum field trip is also in the works, and our second graders are always excited to learn more about insects, animals, and of course technology. These are just some of the events that are forthcoming so please stay tuned for dates and times.   

Most people will never visit the remote and hostile continent of Antarctica, but our third grade students will have an opportunity to receive a postcard sent from this extraordinary place. We will be reading the story “Penguin Chick”. As a very special extension of this story, our students will create postcards about penguins. We will send them to a penguin research facility in McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Each card will be mailed back, and have a unique “Antarctica” postmark for the students to keep. It's always very exciting when the post cards return! Our third grade students will also be reading the story “Stone Soup”, and yes, we will be cooking, AND EATING stone soup! Soup always tastes better when it’s made with friends. And that goes for stone soup, too, even if it is made with stones!   

4th grade has had a great start to the year. Students learned about switching classes as we are departmentalized. Our 4th grade students have three different teachers that they see each day. In Reading, our students are not only using the Treasures book, but learning about current events through Time for Kids and Social Studies Weekly. Each week the students focus on a different skill in both Reading and Language Arts. In Science, our students continue to learn a great deal about the scientific method through many hands on experiments/labs. In Math, students are actively participating through the daily use of dry erase boards. In 4th grade our students utilize My Access, a computer based program. Each week students complete and submit an essay for instant feedback. In 4th grade Social Studies, Florida studies is our focus. Therefore, our students will complete a Famous Floridian Project in October.   

Our fantastic fifth graders are off to an amazing start this school year! Twenty-five of them have been selected to serve as our School Safety Patrols. Under the supervision of Ms. Sampson and Coach Sand, these students have been trusted with the job of assisting teachers and staff safely dismiss all of the elementary children. Additionally, the patrols arrive early to help get students to where they need to be each morning. At the end of last year, many students auditioned for the Morning News Crew. This group of fifth graders brings the latest PPCES-West news to each classroom through our closed circuit television.   Read More...

Dear Parents/Guardians,

BrightStar Credit Union will be at West Elementary from 8:05 to 8:45 for all students from K to 5th on:

Thursday, 9/26/13
Thursday, 10/24/13
Thursday, 11/21/13
Thursday, 12/5/13
Thursday, 1/16/14
Thursday, 2/27/14
Thursday, 3/13/14
Thursday, 4/17/14



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