Superintendent’s Message:


As the superintendent of the Pembroke Pines Charter Schools, I am proud of the first class educational programs and the rigorous academic curriculum we offer to our students.

Since 1998, the Pembroke Pines Charter Schools have set the bar for excellence in our community, in our state, and in our nation.  With four elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school, the Pembroke Pines Charter System serves nearly 6,000 students and their families.  From elementary to high school, our schools have received an ‘A’ rating from the state for over a decade.  As the largest municipally-run charter system in the State of Florida, our success is measured by more than test scores and college admissions; it is measured by the quality and class of the students attending and graduating from our school.

Our outstanding teachers have expectations not only for our students’ performance but for their personal and academic integrity as well.  As a result, our students experience academic success, exhibit responsible citizenship, and understand the importance of good character.

Empowering Students for the Possibilities of Tomorrow!

Charles F. Dodge

City Manager/

Superintendent of the Pembroke Pines Charter Schools