Transportation Services


The Transportation Authority is the school bus transportation provider for all City of Pembroke Pines Charter Schools.  The preferred method of contacting us, to determine if your child is eligible for transportation is to click here to fill out the Transportation Request form online. Instructions for this form can be found below.


In an effort to support social distancing guidelines, due to Covid -19, the following has been added to our standard transportation policies for all riders. We will be limited to transporting 22 students on a school bus.  If your child is selected or not selected to ride you will be notified via e mail.  This policy will continue until social distancing guidelines are changed or eliminated.

ALL riders:

  • must come to the bus with a face mask and wear the face mask for the entire trip
  • must stand six feet apart while waiting or entering the school bus
  • load to the rear of the bus first
  • exiting the bus will begin from the front, remaining six feet apart
  • seating will be one student per row, not designated with an “X”
  • students living in the same household will sit in the same row, not taking into account seats marked with an “X”
  • must remain in their seat for the entire route. 
  • changing seats or sitting with another rider will not be permitted unless from the same household
  • students who are disruptive during the trip, not wearing masks, changing seats or any other non-conformance issue will be reported to school administrative personnel which may result in relegating the student to  e-learning from home.

Please note: Pick up and drop off times and location remain the same as previously determined.  In the event that pick up and drop off time changes, due to student bus riding participation, you will be notified.

**Subject to change based on guidance from Broward County Schools and Health Department**

Transportation Services - information for Parents/Guardians

There is no charge for transportation service as follows:

Elementary and Middle: students that live two miles to three and one half miles from school, including the City of Miramar.

High School: students that live two miles from school, to most City locations, including the City of Miramar.

Please be advised that there is no need to complete the Transportation Request Form if your child is a current bus rider and attends the same campus as last year.

If your child is attending the same campus as last year, the Bus Route, Stop and Pickup/Drop off times remain the same.

For example: West Elementary and Middle School or Central Elementary and Middle School

Stop times are estimates since driving time can be effected by weather or street conditions. Please have your child at the bus stop 10 to 15 minutes prior to pick up time. If you meet your child at the bus stop, please arrive there 10 minutes before the scheduled drop off time. If someone generally meets your child at the stop and is not there at the time of drop off, the driver will return your child to their school.

Please click on the link below to be redirected to a form to determine if your child qualifies for transportation in your area.

Transportation Request Form

The Permanent Bus Route Enrollment form below is to be filled out AFTER transportation services are confirmed available in your area by Transportation Services. Please print and fill out only one form per child per school and return to the bus driver the first time transportation services are utilized in a school year.

Permanent Route Enrollment - Academic Village - High School

Permanent Route Enrollment - Academic Village - Middle School

Permanent Route Enrollment - Central Campus

Permanent Route Enrollment - East Campus

Permanent Route Enrollment - FSU Elementary

Permanent Route Enrollment - West Campus

To be used the first time a student rides the bus in a year. Please ONLY fill out this form if transportation services are confirmed available in your area by Transportation Services.

Transportation Authority’s "Rules of the Road"

We pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of safety on all of our school buses. Cooperation between the riders, parents, school and our company is imperative.  We request that all riders and their parents understand and obey the “Rules of the Road” for the safety of the rider and driver. For more information on Transportation Authority’s "Rules of the Road", please click on the link below

Transportation Authority “Rules Of The Road”

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    Phone: (954) 364-4790